Case Study – The Impacts of Efficient Packaging

Soaring costs across the supply chain is a real issue for manufacturers who are constantly striving for cost reductions, especially in the engineering industry. These can be from anything from raw material and storing costs to logistics and transport of goods. So, the last thing wanted would be an added strain on workforce or costs of replacing shipments due to damage. There’s one important thing that can avoid both, whilst also saving general expenses – efficient packaging! On top of that, there is no better way to lose a customer than having your goods arrive damaged. Working closely with manufacturers in the aerospace industry, we’ve been able to assess the wider picture in terms of exactly what the benefits of efficient packaging are and how we’ve been able to assist in delivering improvements to achieve a zero defect culture on delivery. The challenge for us is delivering cost saving to our clients without affecting the integrity of the product while in transit. Also, by being on site at a client’s production line enables us to identify continuous improvement targets. Working with the client we’re able to enhance the packaging to achieve 4 objectives:
  • Product integrity when in transit (zero-defect upon delivery)
  • Reduction in commercial price paid
  • Impact on the environment working hard towards a circular economy
  • Box design and the use of new composite materials making it more durable and lighter

Case Study Results:

before after
Materials Used 3 2 -1 -33%
Ease of Use hard medium
Dead weight 0.83 0.44 -0.39 -47%
Typical Price 4.89 3.68 -1.21 -25%
  We carefully evaluated the original packaging and implemented a significant weight reduction (-47%) on the new design. Not only did this lead to a positive impact on an economical point of view due to less strain on logistics but also contributed to upkeeping a zero-defect rate when in transit. This was also helped by reducing materials used whilst changing the foam used inside packaging to Stratocell, offering further robustness and security to the packaging, reducing the risk of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) and saving costs (£1.21/-25%) reduction per unit. After providing a proof and receiving clearance from the client we ensured all safety tests and checks (such as drop tests) were carried out and then rolled the packaging out into mass production. Open to reducing cost and improving efficiency through your packaging? Feel free to get in touch – 0121 292 0180