OnLogistics & eWarehousing launch joint venture offering combined European transport and logistics network

OnLogistics and eWarehousing have launched an International joint venture that combines the companies logistics and fulfilment capabilities.

The partnership is a direct solution to offer an integrated service and International footprint for e-commerce businesses, including rapidly growing tech and consumer targeted companies.

The combined objective of the partnership is to act as a direct response to the globalisation of supply-chains due to Brexit related challenges (including decentralisation of European fulfilment operations and stock displacement) plus exponential growth in the e-commerce sector.

The e-commerce market is to reach an increase of 27.6% over the course of 2021 with projected sales reaching over $4 trillion globally according to Cumulative Data.

Working together, OnLogistics (an integrated logistics provider based in Birmingham, UK) and eWarehousing (an e-fulfilment and online platform provider based in Rotterdam, Netherlands) will aim to provide a growing sector with a much needed dynamic and dedicated end-to-end logistics solution, supporting the needs of global customers who have B2C fulfilment requirements within the UK and wider Europe.

Focused on supporting companies who are experiencing growth challenges due to customer demand, this joint venture serves to provide a united and consolidated solution including storage, picking, packing, shipping & returns across multiple regions.

Both companies have recently celebrated the launch of the new operation and are currently serving an innovative tech brand through fulfilling ~1000 daily orders on behalf of California based fulfilment provider, Rush Order.

“We are delighted to be working with the whole team at eWarehousing and are all looking forward to the expansion of our new relationship. Our combined pan European fulfilment and delivery service will provide customers in the UK and Europe a fully optimised real-time offering that adds maximum value where it matters,” added OnLogistics Founder and Managing Director, Nick Bennett.

“eWarehousing and OnLogistics have had a great past working history and although we grew into our separate respective paths, we’ve always kept in contact. With the announcement of Brexit and with all the changes because of it, we were in need of a reliable UK based partner and through OnLogistics we’re able to start this great joint venture. This partnership is based on trust and mutual respect allowing our customers to receive a service that goes above and beyond. It is a given that we will provide our clients with the best logistics services within the UK and on European mainland” stated eWarehousing Co-Founder and CEO, Xander Tio.

If you’re business is looking for international fulfilment and logistics support, feel free to get in touch – or learn more by accessing our case study here.