Corporate Social Responsibility



It is our aim to behave in such ways as to always be considered as –

Carrying out our work from operational to strategic levels to the maximum standard expected by our customers in light of the prevailing circumstances regardless of opportunities to do otherwise

To respect the laws and business standards expected of the commercial and industrial community by society at large and to be willing to refuse to enter situations and agreements where these standards may be compromised.

To behave with the utmost integrity at all times and to reflect the reputation expected of our organisation and that of our Customers and Suppliers in all that we do. To make every effort to avoid controversy and circumstances which may reflect adversely on the character of our firm and of those with whom we associate.

To ensure that all OnLogistics Ltd employees and managers maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with regard to all sensitive information in the pursuit of their work and to avoid unnecessary gossip and participation in any discussion(s) which may compromise either OnLogistics Ltd or its Customers, Suppliers or Staff.



OnLogistics Ltd recognises its responsibilities as a Corporate Citizen in the following ways:-

By recognising that all members of society have the right to be treated with respect and equals as individuals and representative collectives.

To treat members of society, both individuals and organisations equally in terms of service levels offered and appropriate pricing policies

To ensure that wherever possible activities are carried out in a sustainable way as a pre-requisite for operational procedures

Social Footprint
To minimise the social footprint of OnLogistics Ltd and to achieve a continual reduction in the social and environmental damage resulting from its operations.

To minimise the production of waste and to ensure the maximum amount of re-cycling and re-processing wherever and whenever possible.

To maintain the highest standards of diversity and principles in terms of employment, recruitment, customer and supplier base interaction at all times.


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