How do you Package & Deliver a 480kilo, 2m high aircraft test equipment from the U.K to the United States?

As an Aerospace logistics specialist, OnLogistics is often tasked with transporting large, heavy and ‘abnormal’ loads that are of very high value – our Operations Director, Dean Bennett gives an insight as to why OnLogistics is the trusted Logistics partner of international manufacturers.

How did OnLogistics help the client?

Firstly, we attended the client site to do a measuring up of the aircraft test equipment.

KEY POINT - we made sure we captured relevant dimensions including any extremities and any additional parts to ensure the part would fit in the packaging and so we made sure it was in its final form. This was of utmost importance as in the past we’ve gone to pack and seen extra parts attached that weren’t applied during the measuring up stage subsequently delaying the delivery.


We then designed and manufactured the packaging – working with a MPAS (Military Packaging Accreditation Scheme) accredited designer.

After that….

The aircraft test equipment was delivered to our warehouse to ensure the utmost care was taken whilst packing (although we do often pack on-site). Once packed it was then time to arrange delivery from our Birmingham warehouse to Heathrow, the shipment was then loaded onto a 7.5 tonne vehicle and delivered to the airport.

POINT TO NOTE – as the package we were delivering would be classed as an ‘abnormal load’ due to its height of over 2m, we had to confirm it was going to be transported in the correct type of aircraft which would be a freight aircraft opposed to a commercial or passenger plane.

Then finally….

We provided complete end to end supply chain management to the client and constant communication through email and phone up until the client received the delivery in the United States.

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