Nick Bennett, the current Managing Director, founded the business in July 2004. Initially, it was set-up as a same-day courier service operating out of Tamworth. After 18 months, the business tendered for a large aerospace contract with Goodrich Corporation to provide on-site contract packing and drivers. In winning the contract, the business immediately grew to a team of 5.

From 2006 to 2014 the business went through a period of controlled steady growth. OnLogistics developed away from being a pure courier business into serving two specialist markets: aerospace and fulfilment and in 2007 the company’s’ first warehouse was rented in Tamworth.

In winning further contracts in aerospace and fulfilment, OnLogistics consolidated its position and over time continued to invest profits into premises, people and IT. By now, the business had built up an excellent reputation.


In August 2015 Nick met Lord Digby Jones and presented the next chapter of OnLogistics to him. In January 2016 Lord Jones invested into the business. He became Chairman and a valued business partner for Nick. The capital invested was utilised to fund a re-location to larger premises situated on the same industrial estate.

The remainder of 2016 was all about the consolidation of the existing business, its measurement, and Nick and Digby’s evolving working relationship. By the end of 2016 an outline strategic plan was formed.

The business, as a result, has gone through monumental change, now based in Elmdon. From the early days of being a same day courier business, it has emerged as an expanded business.

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