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Sending Parcels

How do I raise a consignment?

All standard parcel services can be processed through the customer portal area. When viewing the home screen within the portal select Booking Request and input the required consignment and delivery information and a quote will automatically be generated for you based on your agreed rates. Further information on the Customer Portal can be seen in our virtual portal demo.

How to I track my consignment?

All live and archived consignments can be viewed in the Customer Portal. Select View Booking Requests for a status overview. Individual jobs can then be selected where the status, tracking information, POD and much more can be retrieved.

Where do I find my POD?

POD is held in the Customer Portal area under the ‘View Booking Requests’ menu.

My item hasn’t been delivered on time what should I do?

Consignment tracking information is viewed in the View Booking Requests menu in the customer portal. If the consignment has not been delivered within the service delivery window, it may be due to a number of issues such as packaging, manual handling delays, end customer refusal (i.e. customer not present) or an issue with the address input. If all of these details have been checked and are correct then please contact the Customer Services Team who can help locate and redirect your consignment.


How should I pack my consignments?

For detailed information on how to pack your consignments to avoid additional surcharges, please see our Packaging Guidelines. Please note that due to the additional volumes in the network currently, many carriers are applying additional handling fees to any items that do not meet the packaging or size requirements.

Why am I seeing surcharges?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more people to shop via e-commerce platforms and as such the strain on the UK Logistics Network is bigger than ever. As a result the carriers in our network are dealing with higher volumes and have taken measures to automate their handling processes as much as possible. Certain items that are overweight or badly packaged cause the automated handling machinery to stop which in turn causes huge disruption to the regional and national distribution centres. This has caused almost all UK 3PL carrier to apply surcharges where manual handling is required to process freight. For guidance on how to avoid these surcharges please see our Packaging Guidelines.

How do I select which service to use?

A drop down menu is available in the Booking Request menu of the Customer Portal which offers you all available services based on size, weight and destination. Providing the weights and dimensions entered are accurate, the portal will automatically suggest the most cost efficient method of transit. Close attention should be paid to the consignment information as significant surcharges are applied by the carrier for overweight and oversized consignments.

My Account

Where do I see my invoices and credit notes?

The View Invoices and View Credit Notes menus in the Customer Portal provides you with a quick view option of all current and historic invoices. And credits You can select any line to view the itemised details.

How do I escalate problems or non-deliveries?

If the information in the My item hasn’t been delivered on time what should I do? Section has been followed and the consignment has not been delivered due to our selected carrier then this should be raised to customerservices@onlogistics.co.uk, we can then follow up on this consignment and arrange redirection and redelivery as well as potential credit notes.

Need further help?

Please email customerservices@onlogistics.co.uk with your query.

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