Software & IT


Our E-Commerce fulfilment software can integrate seamlessly
with yours which can make a big difference to customer service
when real-time updates are available to them.

Our Warehouse Management System was produced by our in-house IT department. Input from Senior Management level through to warehouse staff was key in the implementation of the software to ensure that all eventualities were covered within the development process of the software. Due to the cloud-based nature of the software, customers have full 24/7 access to their stock, orders and tracking information in real-time.

If you use our Warehouse Management System, it can interface fully with your E-Commerce platform to constantly keep the status of products up to date, and we also provide back-end carrier integration so re-keying addresses is avoided.

At all times our systems ensure that your management and administration people have the data they need to make the right decisions, both short term and long term.

In the competitive arena of internet shopping, being able to keep your customers and yourself fully informed of the status of every product and order gives you an essential advantage.

Systems you can rely on to deliver.

  • Integrates fully with your e-commerce platform
  • Back end carrier integration
  • Order upload
  • Live tracking information
  • No re-keying of information
  • Barcode scanning