Challenges the Logistics Industry faces due to Brexit

With the chances of Brexit coming into effect almost a certainty, the impact it will have and has already had on various industries is being widely discussed across the UK. In terms of the Logistics industry there may be big consequences for the UK according to a market intelligence company, Infiniti Research.

Reduced Trade

Nearly 50% of Britain’s exports are delivered to countries within the EU and so this number is expected to drop massively when Brexit is confirmed subsequently having a big impact on the UK’s GDP. For the logistics industry this would mean reduced amount of trade across Europe.

Stricter Border Control

It is believed that Brexit would lead to stricter border controls meaning barriers at borders in both directions. Inevitably this would have an impact on efficiency and mean more challenges as goods will move slower.

Migration Control

Another impact of Brexit is that migration controls could potentially be tougher which in turn would mean less drivers for haulage companies as at the minute UK – based companies rely heavily on drivers belonging to other EU countries.

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