MD Sleeps Rough to Send out a Message that Homeless People Aren’t Alone

Our Managing Director, Nick Bennett, slept out on the streets of Sutton Coldfield at the end of March to raise awareness of the increasing number of people who are living on the streets and to send out a message that homeless people aren’t alone.

The temperatures plummeted below freezing over the course of the evening and Nick managed to get 1-2 hours of disturbed sleep at best.

“I was in the lucky situation that I knew I was safe and I didn’t need to worry about the abuse I might get from the general public passing by. What has struck me is that it is not just the sleeping in sub-zero conditions on the cold hard floor but it’s the knock on effect that lack of sleep and feeling of no safety has on your mental well-being. I felt out of sorts for the next few days, a little spaced out until I got my sleep levels back. Imagine night in and night out not sleeping, not eating a good diet and fearful of everyone around you. It must be a living hell.”

We are proud to have presented a cheque for £200 to Clive Yates, the CEO of the YMCA Sutton Coldfield. This has helped them beat last year’s donation total and continue to do their imperative work to support people who have found themselves in the terrifying position of being homeless.

If you would like to volunteer or donate money to the YMCA Sutton Coldfield, please contact the team on 0121 354 5614 or follow this link.