Successful Partnership Approach with Rolls Royce

At OnLogistics we like to work in partnership with our clients. We don’t just efficiently execute the jobs we’ve been employed to do but we understand their business plans and add extra value to help them achieve their goals. One of our clients, Rolls Royce, recently notified us of a problem they were having within their supply chain. They were being routinely let down by a supplier of aerospace fuel nozzles, this was having a tremendous impact on their business. After continual issues and much disruption to their processes Rolls Royce took the decision to start manufacturing their own from their factory in Birmingham. This will add a third product offering from the Birmingham site who already manufacture hydro and electrical elements for the aerospace industry. One of the issues foreseen was the logistics of getting this new product from the factory to its final destination in premium condition. This is where we added value, we worked with Grant Wood, Logistics Operations Manager, and the Rolls Royce team to create bespoke packaging to ensure successful transit of the newly manufactured fuel nozzles. As you can see from the picture the team we’re delighted with the initial prototype that was delivered to their offices this week. We are committed to ensuring our clients achieve great things and will be there to support every conceivable element of their logistical journey. If you would like to work with a logistics provider who supports your business goals please get in touch.