Case Study

Delivering Rolls Royce standards of service to Rolls Royce and UTAS

In 2005 OnLogistics won an important contract with Goodrich Corporation now Rolls Royce Control Systems a part of Rolls Royce, to provide a regional delivery system and on-site packing service for newly produced goods. Pitching against some of the largest logistical companies in the world, we were able to win the confidence of Rolls Royce through our commitment to delivering best in class logistical support across a number of their UK sites, all at a competitive price.

The nature of Rolls Royce Control Systems and UTAS business – providing engine control software, engine actuators, fuel pumps and metering units for a wide range of commercial and military aircraft – meant they needed a logistics supplier that was flexible, fast on their feet and totally reliable.

In tendering, our approach was simple – we wanted to get to know the customer inside out. This meant assessing over a number of weeks how Rolls Royce Control Systems and UTAS operated and how we could add value, reduce costs and create a viable platform for the future. Our people were committed to winning the business, working out of hours on site to ensure we could convince our clients of our understanding and empathy with their precise requirements.

From strength to strength

Having been awarded the contracts, it’s been a story of growing confidence on Rolls Royce and UTAS part in the depth of our capabilities. Beginning on one site with just three staff to provide packing and delivery services, we now find ourselves with a new contracts and expanded responsibilities working from four sites with six drivers, four packers, off-site storage facility, Raw Material receipt and line feed as well as on site stores, a comprehensive Contract Management to unify all the processes. We have also begun managing customer packaging procurement through a simple but effective off-site pull system to ensure the right box is in the right place at the right time.

We won the business through hard work, agile thinking and client commitment – qualities which haven’t changed throughout our working relationship with Rolls Royce and UTAS, and we appreciate the way our customer has rewarded this with extra work and responsibilities. As a tight-knit company with high standards, all the people in OnLogistics feel a great deal of satisfaction in knowing we are delivering excellence to a company with Rolls Royce standards.

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Our services to Rolls Royce and UTAS

  • Conformance and packing of finished goods to the required civil and military standards
  • Logistical control of primary and ancillary packaging materials, including indirect ordering and “Just in time” supply
  • Supporting the wider needs of customer supply chains to ensure raw materials and sub assembly components are in the right place at the right time to meet Master Production Schedules by way of direct line feed (DLF)
  • Systems update and month end routines to ensure goods are packed, shipped and billed in accordance with financial and operational requirements
  • Assistance with Continuous Improvement programmes to keep us an effective and productive contributor to future plans
  • Making good used packaging for re-use as an alternative to ordering new
  • Overspill storage when required
  • Bulk storage of excess stocks and test rigs unable to be housed at Rolls Royce.
  • Same day express delivery of finished goods , raw material and work in progress
  • Test Rig movement up and down the UK of large and awkward loads
  • Movement of Defence aerospace products in and out of secure locations
  • Co-ordination of a reverse flow supply chain of used packing boxes
  • Export control ensuring the right documents are accurately compiled
  • Management Reporting and feedback via monthly management reviews of performance and costs