As an Aerospace, defence & engineering logistics specialist, we add flexibility, agility and capability to integrated supply chains through active partnering with local, regional or global OEM’s. Working with manufacturers our approach is to remove barriers and inefficiencies, smoothen programme spikes or project challenges and prevent loss of focus – upholding us as a best in class and trusted logistics integrator.





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Quality Assurance

We’re committed, first and foremost, to the quality of service we provide and proof of this is with our EN 9120:2018 accreditation. We also work to SABRE standards for an international aerospace manufacturing client.


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On The Job with OnLog

How to Measure Fulfilment Warehouse KPI’s to Improve Performance

To achieve a fast fulfilment process you first require proper fulfilment warehouse management. This determines how well you receive, track, and store customers inventory, ultimately send stock out the doors faster. But what do you measure to see if a warehouse is performing well? A warehouse needs to be carefully observed and monitored through the […]

How improving your customer’s fulfilment experience drive’s growth

An in-store experience for customers is less challenging when compared to an ecommerce store. Shopping in a store gives more opportunities for “try before you buy”. This lends customers a certainty about the product they want to buy. An ecommerce store doesn’t have this luxury due to it being online. Physical space in a shop […]

Inside an Ecommerce Fulfilment Warehouse From the Perspective of a Beginner

The process of packing:   This process involved taking a box containing a product and using another scanner on the barcode on the box. This will bring up the product on the computer screen.  The product then needs its barcode scanned to show it is the correct item. Once that is done, we have several barcodes […]

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